Mediana provides professional and general medical equipment and technology
to help revitalize heart function and provide accurate measurement of biological signals.




- 5 modules for extensive clinical application with widely scalable and post upgradable design 

- All about user-friendliness with optimal SW & HW design with touch screen

- Extensive event review for Max 10days

- Full disclosure of all parameters of event data review before & after 10sec per each event case

- Optimized parameters for operation, ICU application : Multi-gas, Cardiac output, BIS, 12CH ECG, ETco2, 4CH-IBP

- User friendly connectivity : HDMI, direct USB printer, USB/SD card for data management , USB for SW upgrade / Barcode reader usability

- Advanced communication connectivity : Ethernet ( Lan, Wifi , WCDMA wireless and TCP/IP) for MEDIANA YM9000 Central

- Monitoring System /direct HL7 data output