Mediana provides professional and general medical equipment and technology
to help revitalize heart function and provide accurate measurement of biological signals.

HeartOn AED is...


To Help For Sudden Cardiac Arrest


HeartOn A15 Features

-Semi-automatic operation (Adult/Pediatric)
-Adult/Pediatric Mode Switch

-Quick Start Power the A15 by using the Open Lid Switch

-2015 AHA / ERC Guidelines

-Battery Capacity 4.2Ah/15V(200shocks or 10hr monitoring)

-Voice prompt, Action Icon(LED) Indicator, Status LCD

-Status indicator : self test (fail/pass), battery level, Temp, condition
-POST(Power On Self Test), Periodic test(daily, weekly, monthly), BIST(Battery Insertion Self Test)

-SD card, IR communication support

-Event review PC software (Option)